When I was growing up, most often when something was not appreciated, we were told that someone had gone to ‘great pains’ to do/make/provide whatever it was.

Our parents went to ‘great pains’ to provide for us, discipline us to become adult, responsible and providers for our own families. Teachers went to ‘great pains’ to entice us to learn the basics and hopefully wish to go on from there. Family and friends went to ‘great pains’ as well, in so many ways, passing along skills, knowledge and dreams.

One of my far  away grandmothers went to ‘great pains’ to choose gifts. Asking friends who had grandchildren the same age and approximate size to help her out with choices.

Yes, they did go to great pains, as, I am sure someone did for them. Often it was not easy, but it was a lasting lesson.

Thanks, I want to pass that along as I see many people  today go to ‘great pains’ for others, family, friends, strangers. The same lessons learned and passed along again.