Hubby wants to go camping.  Now,don’t get me wrong in any way, I enjoy going  camping.

Hubby does what he does, fishing, hunting, running the boat. That is ‘his thing’. He enjoys it.

Setting up the tent and accouterments in a lovely spot, enjoying the solitude and quiet, no ‘housecleaning’, yes, these are all good things!

Really though, I think of it as a Craft Retreat.  My little bag of tricks that goes along always contains whatever handwork project I happen to be working on. I take along yarn, knitting, crochet, sometimes quilt work…

In between my chores of fixing sandwiches and such, I can usually get a lot done, and if the project becomes too much, take a break to enjoy where I am, walk around, take pictures. Then there is always a book of two in the bag and my crossword puzzle book.

Convenient? Maybe not. Enjoyable? Always!