I know, there have been Halloween decor and costumes in stores since the 5th of July and Christmas is peering out of any store you walk into right now… The commercial overkill is spectacular, bewildering and ostentatious! Nothing like what it is really about!

Personally, although I am NOT a fan of Halloween, I do consider it to be the beginning o f the true ‘Holiday Season’. It opens the way for the time of contemplating that which is GOOD and profitable in our lives, for sharing love and gathering family to enjoy the fruits of harvest and heart.

So as November nears, and with it Thanksgiving, followed by Christmas, Hanukkah and other celebrations of  love, I prepare. Good scents come from the kitchen, joy and love fill jars of jelly, soups,  loaves  of bread, cookies and  candy. Old Art Ritis is sent packing as the sewing machine, crochet hook and knitting needles work in spite of him, turning out what I hope are ‘treasures’ for the recipients. 

How about you?