For those of us who grew up in those long ago days, without TV and computers… yes, children there are those who still remember those times. Of course, we were regaled with the old tales, “Little Red Ridinghood”, the stories of Joel Chandler Harris and his delightful “B’rer Rabbit”, but I was gifted with many more…

Many of the ‘elders’ in the community were blessed with an ability to tell stories. As a child, I would beg my grandmothers, grandfathers and others to tell me the stories of their growing up. I was blessed, because I heard first hand many tales of life that would otherwise have been lost.

I have tried to capture some of these by writing them down, by sharing with my children and now grandchildren. Because I could ‘see’ and ‘feel’ the happenings they related. To be lost would be so sorrowful.

Great great gandfather, murdered while prospecting in Idaho.

Father in law, hiding a bag of gold near where his twin daughters were buried.

A tale of being caught in a blizzard from my great grandmother…