Hubby and I took a walk this evening about sundown. The sun was low and just kissing the treetops.

While we were practicing the new spot we have invented, Acorn Skating, and balancing along the rough rolling little flora,  we stopped to watch a female cardinal chasing insects around in the tall grass.

It was too dark to get a picture of her, we wondered why she was still feeding and had not yet gone to roost.

As we reached the old barn, tonights turn around point, Hubby mentioned that if all those acorns were dollar bills, the government would probably have no money worries.

He’s most likely correct about that, but I don’t see any changes in currency happening soon…

Of course, acorns are a favorite food of deer and turkey… so this theory would probably not be aolution to the monetary problems, like the current government program, the currency would just disappear, no one would lend it, and savings would rapidly lose value as it sprouted or was consumed by natural forces.