It’s the time for apples, lots of apples, lots of goodness!

Today however, I am going to waste some… hard to believe isn’t it?

I was thinking about my paternal grandfather. He used to make apple head dolls after he retired.

Of course, his are long gone, this photo is from Pamela Matson, who makes these dolls today. This link will take you to see her work and instructions for making one yourself, should you be so inclined.

My dad also found ‘odd’ uses for apples, one of his was the ‘apple-lantern’, hollowing an apple and carving it like a jack-o-lantern for Halloween.

I think, out of my penchant for honoring ‘oldentimes’, and the surplus of apples available right now, I will have to make some of these. Ah, Autumn, thanks forthe memories!