It’s one of those dreary days that come around this time of year. Hard to find much motivation, the rain and wind just make you want to snuggle into the quilts and hibernate.  Might as well, gusts of wind are sending a lot of the remaining leaves to the ground and our power has ‘blinked’ a few times.

Hubby said it is a ‘good stay in bed day’, not that we have. He went out and fed the critters, now is playing his favorite game, ‘channel surfing’, I don’t know how a man who can’t listen to two conversations in a room can watch three or four TV show at once and keep up, but he seem able to do that. All the laundry is folded and put away, floors swept… Things seem to get done, even if we say we don’t want to do them in this weather born lethargy.

The temperature is hovering in the high thirties, dropping slowly, so we could see something unpleasant before nightfall. Freezing rain is not my idea of pleasant – ever! It may be odd, but snow seems much more cheerful than autumn/winter rain to me. Well, at least until it piles up and turns to ice underfoot. The sky is bleak and gray, looking more like snow than rain. I heard a couple of locals (within 10 miles) mention that some snow flakes had been seen…

I watched Rough House the rooster a few minutes ago, herding a wayward hen back into the safety of the open shed. They seem to have chosen that as a place of safety this morning. He stands guard, pacing  just inside the open entrance and moves them back as they start out into the open. I suppose they would rather hunt for whatever bugs and seeds remain than eat the commercial feed Hubby poured out this morning.

The dogs are all cozied up in  the kennel. I haven’t seen one of them stick thier nose out, even in the roofed part of the pen. They are not stupid!

Gloomy  weather makes me want to bake, which is bad, we have a stock of baked goods in the freezer right now. I think I will just light a good smelling candle. It may not be the actual food, just the scent that brings comfort. I have a pumpkin pie scented one, that ought to make things cheerful.

And I will be thankful. I have a warm, dry place, there is food, (and coffee), books to read and craft supplies piled up, right now, the internet works so I can be in touch with family and friends. I can sit here, watching all that goes on outside the window, with no pressing reason to go out.

I think this morning, that is a good place to be. “This is the day that the Lord has made, I will rejoice and be glad in it”