This little quilt hangs in my house to remind me daily to pray for those who serve and have served our country.

Today is the 100th year our country and others have celebrated Veterans day. It is called by other names, Armistice day, Remembrance day…

Begun to celebrate an Allied victory in the “War to end all war”,  it has been since a time to remind ourselves of the deep debt we owe to those who, however brave or frightend, have gone out to help keep our lives and liberties secure and protected.

So, here’s to you, my patriots! I don’t want to miss anyone, so smoe are categories, not names. I hom=nor you all!

Uncle Doc, WWI

Dad and all the uncles and cousins, WWII and Korea

Hubby, BIL, brothers, friends.  Viet Nam era

Nieces and nephews Gulf war and beyond

And here is to the families, who ‘let them go’ and serve as well by giving of love and generosity.

And to those who wanted to go and for whatever reason were unable… You were willing and you tried, and for that I honor you too.