It’s really strange how things work out sometimes.

One of my daughters and son-in-law are helping two friends who have family members hospitalized. That meand besides ther own 5 children they have 6 others and the occasional extra adult at their home.

I really applaud them for doing this. It’s rough enough these days for a large family to get by.

So good of them to open their doors and hearts to help. I know that food has to be an issue, what with all of them there, adults needing to travel over a hundred miles one way to the aforementioned hospital and one had a vehicle needing repairs…

So a friend and I went through our respective supplies and made up a care package to send along.

It isn’t a lot, but it will help, a few cans of veggies, a couple boxes of mac and cheese, some cereal.

It’s a family thing, it’s what you do around here.