My daughter Chrysta wrote this as an English assignment. I thought it was worth sharing. BTW, her instructor gave it an ‘A’.


A Taste of Tradition

You know you can go to the store and buy pie for the holidays. Sure there are lots of varieties. Traditional holiday pies, pumpkin, apple, cherry, pecan pie are available for the money and the taking. But have you considered as a family project making your own pies? The difference in taste, family time and the sharing of family traditions makes ‘homemade’ win over store bought by a mile. You might want to consider these facts in making your own decision.

This week for our Thanksgiving festivities, my mother pulled out, great-great grandmothers pie crust recipe. We purchased apples, spices, sugar, utilized pumpkin puree from the Halloween Jack-o-lanterns, and pecans from the local farm. Of course we could purchase ready made fillings, but not this time.

The menfolk gathered around the table, peeling and slicing apples,and cracking pecans. As the women mixed the sugar and spices for the tasty pies. The older grandchild was introduced to flour, shortening, and a pastry blender, forming the short dough for the multiple pie crusts. Instructed by grandma the child learned to roll an almost perfect circle of dough and place it in the pans.

Mom poured spice scented cooked apples into several crusts, then waited while the grandchild rolled and cut the tops, one was decorated simply with an apple cut from pastry. Others topped with lattice and yet another with a solid crust decorated with a wheat design, another of great great grand mothers handed down traditions. Puffed high with filling, unlike even what Mrs. Smith provides in the freezer case.

The pumpkin had already been cooked, and was as easy to prepare as canned filling from the market. Eggs, milk and spices were soon blended and those pies ready to go in the oven as soon as the apple came out. These pies always taste a bit better than the ones from store produced filling, maybe it is the love involved in the preparation?

This evening, a happy crew of ‘taste testers’ is gathered in the kitchen, yes, paper plates and plastic forks in hand. As we once again join to share in the taste of our family tradition, not only food; shared stories, laughter and precious time together. You might consider carrying on or beginning this sort of tradition yourself.