A number of years ago, after a very cold and snowfilled winter, Hubby decided we needed to take a vacation over “Spring Break”. The idea was to go south until we found ‘someplace warm’, in his words.

South we went and finally ran out of snow and really cold weather near Washington DC. We visited several ot the historic places in the area and one morning headed out to cross the Chesapeake Bay.

Long bridges and tunnels cross the bay and Hubby and the girls thought it would be a great adventure.

I am  very apprehensive in closed spaces, and the idea of a tunnel underwater did not thrill me, I will admit. Most ofthe trip I spent with eyes closed and teeth clenched, getting frequent reminders from the back seat to “Breathe Mom, breathe!”

I will never forget that little excursion, nor wil I ever take it again…

This was brought back to me very clearly today when we met a nephew at the grocery store. He is a truck driver, and was relating his experience with the tunnel just last week. It seems he too is not a fan of such things.

For him to admit to such a thing as fear is pretty unusual, but he did.

I’m rather glad I was not along!