Last week, while the computer was in the hospitalized…

Hubby stepped out on our porch and it collapsed.   this could have to do with its age and never having had any sort of pain or sealer applied. In fact that is quite likely what led to its deterioration and collapse.

He said he felt it give and was able to save himself from injury or a serious tumble, and my nearly 100 pounds more less might have saved me, had I been the one to step out.

Rapid response was required! Hubby went over to the shed for tools, saw, hammer, measuring tape, and assorted other things and began a disassembly project.  Soon he was checing the scrap wood stack behind the shed for appropriate replacement pieces.

This time it is up with an extra floor joist, and support and all of it is put together with more screws and nails than its predecessor. It still looks the same, but feels a bit solider to walk on…

It will probably outlast us, that is all I ask, to be able to get in and out safely.