Last night, Hubby and I had reason to be out after dark. On our way home, we took a ‘scenic byway’, oh all right, we traveled down a n old dirt road between two paved ones… you all understand if you live in the country…

It’s shorter to go down the dirt road, than to travel from here to there on pavement sometimes.

Our companions along the way were an ocassional rabbit, swiftly racing away from the headlights glow and a couple of raccoons meandering across the road.

As we neared the long hill to reach the paved road once again, we met up with some coonhunters, unloading dogs and gear for a night in the woods. Hubby chatted with them for a few minutes as the dogs began to cast around for scent, soon the chase began. I have no idea how it ended, we went along home.

The one pictured happened by the game camera a few early mornings ago. He or she is probably still ‘out there’, which is fine as long as he stays away from the chickens and the trash cans here on Sunrise Ridge.