The first full day of winter is upon us, oddly, birds are singing outside my window as if it was April. I guess the little feathered folk realize that as of today the days begin to get longer.

I’m good with that! And truly thankful thinking that is will not be so long before Spring and the season of growth. I know this rest period is needed, just as our human bodies need sleep.

I will need some extra today, in case it clears off, there is ameteor shower scheduled by the Creator to watch.

A few hundred years ago the wolstice was celebrated as ‘Midwinter’, unlike the meteorologic ‘first day of winter’. I like to think it is mid-winter and we are now on the upside.

It certainly makes me feel brighter about the whole thing, being the fan of sunshine and warmth that I am.

Today is also my birthday, sort of a milestone, I suppose. At least some time back the Beatles had a hit song celebrating “When I’m 64”. I don’t feel a bit older, but have appreciated the messages and phone calls congratulating me on making it this far. I’m certainly amazed, and happy to be here!

You all know that my computer has been ill a few times in the past year, nothing good old Joe at Onsite hasn’t been able to cure, but we all knew the day was coming when it would have to go.

My beloved and blessed children purchased a brand new laptop for me.

I am trying to learn how to use the new computer, the Windows 7 platform and get all the important things off the old one and onto this one. It is a learning experience, I’ll tell you! It will get done!