As a joke this morning, I posted on Facebook that I needed a job, one with good pay, benefits and not requiring much effort on my part. That being a politician, I was wondering if I could get elected. Many of my friends replied.

So with the following statement, I am throwing my hat into the ring. My platform: The Citizens of this country have rights as well as obligations, the Constitution is alive, well and needs our defense.

After testing the political waters this morning, I find I can’t run for Congress, my supporters are spread too far around the country, so I will be making a run for the presidency, in order to serve you all. I appreciate your support!
I have put away the Christmas things and am now planning campaign appearances. I will be in California in February, and Paducah KY in April. Other appearances to beannounced. THis is a low budget effort, so encourage your friends to put my name down as a write in during your primaries or nominate me at the caucuses. I am running as an independent on the’ America should be ours’ party, which I just made up and can’t find that I am compromising any other group. No donations needed, if it can’t be done by word of mouth and faith, it is not worth the effort of posters, pictures and advertising