There seems to be some confusion here on Sunrise Ridge this morning, the birds are singing, the chickens happily scratching in the yard, on this, the next to last day of 2011. New Years Eve eve, maybe it is wise to think of all the blessings of the past.

At 9 in the morning the sun is bright and it’s already 50 degrees. More like an April morning than late December.

I will accept this day with JOY!  Last year, on this day, we had storms and tornadoes moving through Missouri. It’s a day to think of all the blessings of the year, and total up the good things we tend to forget. That we have homes, food and loved ones around us. Friends, family and our needs supplied. So many people do not.

Yes, there have been a lot of losses and sorrows, and there will no doubt be more as we travel life’s paths. But for today, at least for this moment, I will look with pleasure at the sunshine, listen to those birds singing and be glad that I am a part of this world so full of wonder and good things.

I will miss those who will not be here to join us in the new year, but I will be glad they were part of my life. I will miss some of the things that will never be again, but appreciate them. I will carry on and carry a torch of the ‘old’ going into the ‘new’.

I plan to make 2012 qa good year, how about you?