I don’t think there are any ‘answers’ blowoing with it, but the wind is sure tossing things about.

Yesterday and this morning, the weatherman warned about high wind gusts and possible power outages. I have heard a few branches fall, small ones, but enough to keep me on guard.

Since we have had rather unpleasant experiences with high winds in the past, I am a bit wary when it gets like this. Trees falling on my house are not one of my ‘top ten things to happen’. I am guessing that perhaps the past storms have taken out most of those that would endanger the living quarters on Sunrise Ridge. We have a stockpile of ‘necessities’; food, water, battery powered radio and the generator ready in case the power lines are compromised.

Even RoughHouse rooster and the harem of hens are staying close to the shed,  trying to sun on the lee side of the building. The kennel dogs are also enjoying the sun, next to the windbreak wall. The wild birds are hiding somewhere, not attempting the trip to the feeder today.

I too am enjoying the sunshine, through the windows and appreciative of the fact that,  although when we first moved to Sunrise Ridge there was no electricity, running water, or furnace to heat the house, those things are here now.

Funny how easy it is to take all these luxuries for granted.