Here in the Ozarks, it has long been a tradition to ‘save’ a few fireworks from 4th of July to shoot as the New Year rings in.

I know a few neighbors hold with that tradition, and the one that requires shooting off a gun at the stroke of midnight. Not me, and since I went to bed long before that stroke, I can’t say much about it for this year.

However, God and Mother Nature teamed up, to provide some nice fireworks in the sky early this morning.

Waking early and donning about 20 pounds of warm clothes, I went out to watch the Quadrantid meteor shower in the sky at 3:30 this morning. Here on Sunrise Ridge, with its lack of streetlights and traffic, the view was perfect!

Bright sparks of light showered across the northeast quarter of sky, reminding me of how small I am in the remarkable scheme of creation and wonder of this world I live in.

The photo is from ABC news,  my unsophisticated camera is not that good, but I enjoyed a similar view. Too bad you all were not able to join me, we could have had coffee or hot chocolate to celebrate as the sun rose to start its journey across the sky.