This fine-looking mountain lion attests the proof that they do exist here in rural Reynolds County Missouri. This cat was caught in a live trap, not terribly far from where I live. People in our area  have reported seeing them and hearing them for years. Despite the fact that our state Conservation Department tends to make light of the possibility and has stated that this one, taken alive last night, will be tested to make sure it is not an escaped captive.

Currently, the animal is at our County Court House, and I have heard that many in the area have gone to see it while it waits for the biologist to arrive.

I queried them about the cat and the following is their reply:  Mary: We have our furbearer biologist en route to Centerville to check on that situation. Our first goal will be to determine if the cat is a wild animal or one that may have escaped from captivity. We’ll know more after that determination is made. Tim@MDC

We shall await the official verdict, but I will believe, at least for now, that this cat is a ‘real’ one. The idea that it is here may make me a bit more wary when out alone. The idea of such a wonder in our area is worth a lot, knowing that it can survive and live wild as it should is a marvelous joy.

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