Here it is January 7, it’s cooler today. High only in the 50’s. Hubby is planning to get out the grill.

It sort of feels WRONG! Oh, I’m not complaining, in fact, I am enjoying this lovely Spring weather to the max!

We went to the ‘feed and seed’ today to get in the supplies for the dogs and chickens, and I mentioned the great weather. Debbie, the clerk said she had been having a run on heat lamps and heated waterers.

She, like me is wishing it would ‘stay like this til April, then warm up’. Neither of us expect it to happen, of course.

Hubby is out doing some yard cleaning and other ‘good day’ projects, so he is not displeased either.

Our neighbor Bill came to call earlier, both He and Hubby said, this was good and hoped for no snow. I’m not a fan of lots of snow, but it is kind of nice to see a bit of it. Just hope it does not come around February 1! I have travel plans then…and in March… and in April..