Recently, my friends and I ‘discovered’ loom knitting. It’s a different take on the old spool knitters many of us played with as children.

On the spools, it was only possible to make a long thin string, but these newer ones come in rounds and rectangles that will easily and quickly whip up a scarf, hat or many other items using the same looping technique. All it takes is the loom, some yarn, the pick that comes with the loom or a crochet hook and a little patience to get started.

I found a pattern for slipper socks, made a pair and Hubby assures me they are warm and cozy. He is modeling them in the picture below.

I have a mitten started on my little round l0om today, and have been playing with some of the others, learning to change old knitting needle patterns to use on the looms. It’s a good way to ‘watch’ TV , as long as you don’t lose count of your rows. 🙂

Admittedly, some are still easier on needles, but I can do several stitches, including  ribbing and cables on the looms. There are alot of patterns available on the internet and some great tutorials on

I don’t plan on getting rid of my old knitting and crocheting supplies, but I am glad I tried this.