Yesterday, cold, overcast, one of those ‘you’d like to snuggle up and hibernate’ type days.

It was not to be, our life required a trip to a neighboring town, where my dad is in the hospital, stops at Walmart, grocery store and the local feed store.

On our way across one of the highways that twists and turns through the Ozark hills, we saw deer, near the same golden brown as the grass in which they stood. They watched us before leaping the fence and racing away across a fallow field.

I noted some old houses, scattered here and there. Seen better now that trees are bare.

Somehow, they did not strike me so much forlorn, as just lonely. It seemed almost that they were standing there, waiting patiently forthe arrival of wagon, pickup truck, of even the school bus.

Still whole and strong, providing the same comfort and shelter as in days now gone.

This photo is by Sherry Mullen. I thank her for permission to use it.