This old building is one of the last left of the old town of Corridon,. Missouri  Corridon was once a ‘booming’ timber town, back in the 1930’s, a railroad ran through there, taking lumber and passengers to ‘far off places’. Then the population was over 1000.

Now the popula is more like 35, and that might include cats and dogs…

This was the gathering place, store, gas station, Post Office, and a place to wait for the school bus to the high school.  Then you could get a soda, pack of gum and a candy bar for less than a quarter, and a gallon of gas was about 35 cents.

Progress, in the form or a ‘grocery store; in a larger town, and the USPS phasing out the Post Office, brought that era to a close in the early 1970’s.

The building is still there, the porches fallen down, windows boarded over. A fading relic of what has been, a monument to memories.