A few years ago, traveling Highway 60 between Van Buren, MO and Springfield ,MO., I found a little  town that intrigues me.

The town of Seymour, along that route has a community of Old Order Amish, the farms distinguished by clothes lines instead of power lines, buggies in the yards instead of pick-up trucks.

This lovely photo by M. W. Fisher gives a pretty good idea of whaat it looks like to step back in time there.

Small markets and signs of ‘Fresh baked bread’, Eggs’ and garden produce abound in the area. I don’t get there often but love to take a few extra minutes to stop and explore when I can.

It was along this stretch of road I saw what might have been the happiest face I have ever seen.

An older Amish couple were traveling along the shoulder of the road in a wagon, the sun was bright, wind had blown the ladies bonnet back from her face. She had a can of Coke in hand, was obviously laughing and her face held the most wonderful look of pure joy!

I have no idea what brought on the look, could have been the treat of a Coke, I suppose. I prefer to think that it was a confidence in herself, her way of life and the love she felt for it.

I will never know, we passed along a highway, but the moment has stayed with me. I often think of her and feel lifted up.