“Wash on Monday, Iron on Tuesday …”

One of the daughters is here visiting this week, we were reminiscing about the ‘not so old days’ when Granny’s house anad ours still lacked electric power and things were not as easy as they are today. Electric power came to Sunrise Ridge when she was a small child.

Our laundry was done in a gas-powered Maytag wringer washer, hung on the clothesline and ironed, oh yes ironed with an iron very like the one in the photo above.

Before the advent of ‘wash-n-wear’, permanent press and cotton blends with polyester, unless you really were careful, the clothes were wrinkled when they came in the house and before putting them away of wearing them to go out, the iron was heated on the wood stove and the garments smoothed out.

It was a lot of work, time-consuming and had to be done pretty carefully! The irons were HOT!, heavy and hard to handle. It is pretty easy, if you’ve ever done it to understand why the adage at the top was usually the way it worked. Not necessarily on Monday and Tuesday, but not on the same day.

Quite a difference from tossing into the dryer for a quick spin, tossing it on and heading away ..