I recently bought an assortment of ‘hard candy’ and put it in a container on the kitchen table.

There are lemon drops, Great grandma, carried a supply in a small white paper bag in her ‘pocket book’, doling them out to us kids, I think mostly to make us be quiet at times.

I grew up with Gram’s bowl of hard round peppermint candies sitting on the end table, handy for a child to grab. The tradition carried over to my father, there are always peppermints to be found at his house too.

Those butterscotch disks, that was Grandpa’s house. His candy of choice was in one of Grandmother’s cut glass bowls on the dining room table, sitting atop a lacy hand crocheted table cloth.

The candy has been sittijng there on my table for a couple of weeks. I walk by, look at them, sometimes select one and savor the flavors. More than that, I savor and treasure the memories each piece brings with it.