We have had a very busy week here on and around Sunrise Ridge. Lots of coming and going, it has been great, seeing people and getting out.

However, this morning Hubby staged a mutiny. I was informed in no uncertain terms that today, a ‘real meal’ was expected. No way am I going to get away with bringing in something from a restaurant or fast food as we pass by or opening or making soup which we have done (a lot) over the past few days.

Yes, it did cross my mind to say, “I’ve got plans” (I do, and they do not include cooking)!

I did not say that, nor will I. Hubby is right, I’ve had a lot of fun this week with my chauffeur, but it’s Thursday, he’s doing saw mill work and there comes a time when a sandwich and soup is just not enough.

So, in spite of the fact that I have a number of ‘things to do and places to be’ today, I fully expect that come dinner time there will be the requested beef roast, veggies, gravy and homemade bread of some sort on the table.