This non-winter we have been enjoying so much has taken a little of the luster off of looking through the seed catalogs this year. However, Hubby and I have been looking and planning. One of the goals it to build a greenhouse or at least a cold fram to getthings off to an earlier start.

He was looking in some of the catalogs and has gotten his own idea of how to fix one, and studying on what we have available to repurpose to make it.

Meanwhile, I found a fabulous catalog, new to me.  Irish Eyes Garden Seeds, treated me with plenty of great choices and ideas!  Not only does this company deal in heirloom and organic seeds, but it is a treasure, listing ‘companion plants’ for symbiotic growth and natural insect repellants.

It even gives a chart for planting amounts to preserve for your family. How much you might need to plant, how much to harvest for canning and freezing… I really liked that! is also online. The web site is being upgraded, but still interesting and I liked the inclusion of recipes on it.

I am just loving it! And working on my ‘wish list’!