Last fall Hubby planted a lot of turnips in the garden and the wildlife plot. Our very mild winter has resulted in a bumper crop. We have eaten turnips raw, boiled, chopped in turnip greens and served with pot likker, we have given them away for others to enjoy.

A few days ago, Hubby came in and mentioned that someone had told him about fried turnips. I had never heard of turnips cooked that way. However, since, as I said we have more than plenty, I was willing to give it a try.

The first experiment was plain turnips, peeled and diced, fried up. Amazingly good, but had a strong ‘turnip-y’ taste.

I made another batch, mixing the turnips with a couple chopped potatoes and some onion, I added a little lemon juice while it was cooking, just a sprinkling.

That batch came out very well, milder flavored, great texture, and nicely crisped.

The taste test report is, this will be served again. I wish we had discovered it sooner, it’s almost time to plow those turnips under to get ready to plant the spring garden.