It only comes around every four years… this one will be remembered.

Storms last night with rain, thunder, lightning, hail and tornadoes.

Early this morning, shortly after the worst had blown through here, my sister called that their power was out. She was concerned about Dad’s oxygen machine.

Hubby loaded up one of the generators and we took it over before daylight, getting them set up until the power company could find the problem and make repairs.

We were lucky, on this excusion we saw a couple of trees down, on or near roads, but no major damage right here. Many other places did not fare so well, with a lot of damge and loss of life.

Later, after the sun came up, I watched the wind chase clouds away.

      Wandering around the yard, I found this brave and sturdy little promise of hope and better things to come… bowed and somewhat beaten by the hail and rain but stronger than the storm.