Today’s prompt was ‘neighborhood’. Living at the end of the road, far in the country, I had a time thinking what would portray my neighborhood to someone.

I have no ‘neighbors’ in the sense most people understand.  I do have them, and they are good ones, but not really close by. Often times, the school bus occupants and mail lady as they pass, are the only people I see all day besides Hubby.

For the most part, my neighborhood is what is close around me, changing throughout the seasons, wildlife, nature, the garden, the old barn.

I could not interpret it in one single picture, so I took several, new and from my files and made a collage that depicts ‘my neighborhood’, at least in my own mind. Day or night, through all the seasons of the year, my neighborhood holds beauty and blessings, a special moment is there anytime I open my door.