“Something I wore?” In 60+ years, I’ve worn a lot of things…

My parents liked to dress me in cute, stylish dresses , such as the one in this photo taken by my father when I was about 18 months old.That was not very effective, as soon as I was old enough to rebel against ruffles and lace, probably 5(?) I learned that JEANS and pockets were much more to my liking and standard of living. Being the only girl  on the block among a bunch of boys, the choices were adapt or have no one to play with. When I started school, I made a girl friend, who was also a tomboy. We played with the ‘boys’. It was what we did, our younger sisters played with dolls, we, however, were known to scalp them playing cowboys.

I could run, play tackle football and climb trees with those guys and never ever miss a beat.

High school, where girls were expected to wear dresses or skirts,  was an unpleasant experience. I had then and still have NO sense of style. Can’t help it, my Gram and sister got those genes and they missed me completely! It’s a good thing our rural school did not have a prom or anything like that… Well, I would not have gone, the idea of a fancy dress and heels gives me shudders.

Those moments in the daughters lives were shunted off to other people who might have a clue. I stood around and took pictures of my lovely girls, but offered nothing in the way of suggestions.

As and adult, college did not require any remarkable clothing, and a health care career was simple scrubs. Possibly my best foray into style, since they came in all colors and many prints over the years. Pretty much what I could wear and be comfortable in.

So, here I sit, in my sweatshirt, jeans,and hiking boots. my basic ‘uniform’ these days… oh yes, I do wear hats and this is one I made recently and wear frequently.

So, there you have it. “something I wore” and something I wear now.