The photo prompt today is ‘window’.

It is raining, gray and dreary out the windows on Sunrise Ridge today. The drops speak of promise but are not easy to photograph.

The birds, even my flock of free range chickens seem to be hiding out in shelters I cannot see from here.

Hubby took the truck to a neighbors, so there is nothing in the driveway to take a picture of either.

It’s time to look in the files and see what might be there… ahh, yes, a few days ago there was a wonderful sunset

As I turned around from getting this shot, I realized there was a reflection in the window of my computer room,

I thought it was impressive, and snapped a picture of it as well.

I am having a grand time playing with marchphotoaday topics, and I am finally able to justify to Hubby a good reason for taking all the pictures I do.

I also want to say a big thank you to Tony Northrup. I have his book How to Create Stunning Digital Photography. 

His clear concise instructions and practical suggestions will convince even a novice, to get out and take more and much better pictures. He lists ‘Practice’ at the end of each section to use what has been learned.

I highly recommend this book to anyone who owns a digital camera, it will make avast difference in your pictures once you know ‘how to make a picture, instead of just take a picture”.