Red? That is the photoaday prompt. What in my world is RED? Cardinals, Folgers coffee can? Coca Cola? Maple buds, Fire bush blossoms?

All of the above, and a number of other things… so here is my personal choice for today.

This old red granite building has been around as long as I can remember. I have no idea what its original purpose might have been. When I first saw it, the roof was intact, but years of weather and neglect have taken that away.

It sits beside a rural highway, next to a small stream, between Johnson Shut In’s and the town of Ironton.

This area has a lot of red granite, and there are several buildings made of it. Houses, a couple of schools. Small quarrys still bring the rock out of these old mountains, the bedrock of our world.

So, I pay tribute to my heritage with this tough stone. Like these rocks, we can be broken up, reshaped and changed, but old Ozark natives stand strong, hard as the stony land we come from and last a long time.