This morning, I opted to use the prompt from a different day this month. I switched the ones for the 11th and 12th. I know I have mentioned before that there are days when I do not have anyone to talk to. I know Hubby who is the strong silent type, does not like to have his picture taken a lot and yesterday it was pretty quiet here most of the day.I did not take my camera when I went to church last night, so no pics of anyone else… some days are like that!

I talked to my niece Leanna this morning. Not only talked to her, but we made a trip to town to do a couple of errands and had a very nice visit. I took this picture of her last week when she came by to see great grand baby Parker.

We talked about how everything is blooming out and of course the big spring topic of getting the gardens planted. We watched soaring hawks lifting on the currents and noted a buzzard or three as we made our way to town and back. Of course, cooking and family events were touched upon. Leanna is waiting for a new grandbaby of her own in a few weeks.

It was pleasant to share the beautiful day, nature and errands with a kindred soul.

While we were out, we ran across a neighbor who still uses horsepower in the logwoods and does some blacksmithing. He has agreed to let me know when he is working the horses and to do a smithing demonstration for me to take some pictures.

Needless to say I am pretty excited about that!