You want a sign? I really had to work on this, a little over a mile down the road, there are two signs. One identifies our country road from the many others in the area with a number. That’s pretty boring. The other is a speed limit sign. Yes, friends, the speed limit on my  rutted old dirt road is 25 MPH. If you are traveling on it, it might seem a bit slow, if you are enjoying it, it’s a bit too fast. to look out through the woods to see elusive things. Like the occasional bald eagle or deer.

Since I do not have photos of either and have other things to do than walk out to the highway junction… like cleaning house, work in the yard and getting things planted for the greenhouse, I did my usual thing. Think about the topic and come up with something handy. There were so many ‘signs of Spring’ today!

Fruit trees are in bloom,flowers blossoming all around, and birds cheering the season in and on.

So, sharing a view outside my window, here’s my ‘sign’! A couple of years ago, Hubby and some of the Grand kids built a bluebird box and put it on the tree outside my computer/sewing room window on a big pine tree.

Plans for the bluebird box are available here from the Missouri Department of Conservation.

Mister Bluebird checks out the neighborhood

After a thorough inspection of the area, they paid the rent and are moving in!

Mrs. Bluebird checks the accommodations and approves