The march photo a day prompt today is ‘clouds’. It should have been easy, I’ve been watching the sky most of the afternoon. Our local weather man gave us this forecast this morning: “there may be some exciting weather later, in scattered spots”.  I had the baby chicks out in the yard and sure do not want the partly feathered fluff balls to get wet. That would not be good for them!

Like I said, I watched the sky, although clouds drifted by, none were ‘spectacular’ or even very impressive. There were clouds of blossoms in the plum trees, looking like pristine clouds from a little distance, sweetly scenting the air and buzzing with insect doing the job to fertilize the blooms.

Giving up on getting a ‘cloud’ picture today, I went through my photo files and found this one from a few weeks ago, clouds tinted all the shades of rose, pink, peach, purples as the sun set. It’s one of my favorite cloud pictures!