Izzy Wright came by this morning for coffee, bacon and eggs. He was talking about getting started with his garden. Well, I must admit, he was bragging because he got his lettuce planted on the right day and it is starting to come up… old Izzy laughed about the greenhouse, saying he never stood by such nonsense. “Plant the seed and it will grow, right there in the ground”.

That seems to be his motto, and his little scratch patch often abounds with good things.

Hubby is heading for our garden this lovely morning. So far, he’s got the tiller running, that’s a good start! Lots to do get things growing here on Sunrise Ridge. Speculation, expectation and faith… not to mention some pretty heavy sweat equity!

He’s hoping to get some ground broke today for lettuce and potatoes. The wheel barrow is full of ‘fertilizer’ from the chicken house to work into the fallow ground. There is rain in the weather forecast for the next few days, so it may not be done as planned.

According to local folklore, the lettuce should have been planted Feb 14. I have planted successfully much later though It’s a ‘cool weather’ plant – not too sure what to expect this year, with these 70-80 degree days.

Traditionally potatoes are planted around here on March 17.  Izzy did say the sign won’t be right on Saturday and we need to wait til the first of next week if we want a good crop.

I checked the ‘moon signs’ according to Tipper Wilson at The Blind Pig and the Acorn blog http://www.blindpigandtheacorn.com/blind_pig_the_acorn/2012/03/planting-by-the-signs-march-2012.html and sure enough, the calendar there says the most fruitful time IS next week.

And so it is, we begin ‘garden 2012’, with high hopes and the belief it will grow, supply our needs and nourish us through another year.