March 29 the photo prompt for today is “feet”, I have two of them.

Early this morning I was enjoying my coffee out on the porch along with a grand opening to the day – wearing my flipflops


THe prompt for yesterday, March 28, was “trash”. During an outing with a friend we came upon an old houseplace. Actually a rock foundation overgrown with wild vegetation, however an old stove sat rusting inside the foundation and a bit farther on, the remains of a school desk and a half gallon jar lay on the ground.

     The wisteria and honeysuckle blooming and the faded daffodils tell me this place was once a woman’s pride. The desk means likely there were children here, the jar a home for winter food or maybe treasures.

I love finding these old places and all the countless thoughts they bring. And I wo9nder, where have they gone?