Saturday, March 31. My sister, cousin and I had a ‘ladies day out’. No tea and dress up for us! Jeans, boots, a pickup truck and a trip to the Ozark National Scenic Riverways nearby.

The world is coming alive right now, and we three sixty (and plus) year old women were off to enjoy it!

the ladies on their day 'out'

Our first stop was Alley Spring near Eminence Missouri. The hills above the river sparkled in all the wonderful colors of spring,

from the ridge above the river

the pale tints of budding trees stand in tender pastels against the darker pine and cedar.

We take a leisurely ride down from the top into the valley, stopping for a while to savor the magic and music of the green spring water.

Alley Spring branch

A picnic lunch near the old mill-race made for a grand morning. The misleading weather, 80 degrees did not seem to bring out hordes of people as it does later on. The river held only a few canoes and not too many were out walking along with us. We spoke to a number of those out and about, sharing laughter and stories as we enjoyed our time.

In hidden places along the path around the spring and mill-pond wild flowers shouted for attention.

purple trillium, yellow bellwort

wild ginger

  It was not long until we made our way to Rocky Falls, a gem of rhyolite on Rocky Creek. Sparkling clear water danced down the rough and weathered rock. A few brave souls dared the chill spring water to slide on the rocks and play in the pool below.

The afternoon passed swiftly, we had one final stop to make. Owl’s Bend in Current River. Long ago, before a bridge crossed there was a ferry here. On the far side, the landing is still visible, although the road that wound to the top of the hill is now well-grown with trees.

So we three ladies spent a grand day in early Spring.