It wasn’t what I expected!

When the phone rang late one night a week or so ago, it was surely not what I expected! Grandson has recently become a father. He and baby’s mom are no longer ‘in a relationship’. Grandson had been called by ‘momma’ and asked to come get three-week old baby boy.

It seems momma was in need of a break and Grandson was in need of a babysitter. For the next day so he could go to work.

Of course, being a good great grandma I agreed!     Back when,  a car seat, a place to sleep, some diapers, appropriate clothes and bottles were all a person needed to ‘tend a baby’. I was met with a bit of a surprise!

Grandson arrived with a bag of necessities including boiled water, formula mix, bottles ,  along with a portacrib, a bouncy seat, car seat (if we needed to go anywhere) and of course baby Parker! It was a little daunting, especially when it took three beleaguered adults to figure out the working of the portacrib! It looked a little overwhelming since the last time I had a ‘baby’ to care for has been some 8 years ago.

I’ll admit it took a little while but just like riding a bike, all the required abilities had not been forgotten. Diapers, bottles, burping, it wasn’t long before Parker and I had a good working relationship with the rocking chair and got along famously.

It might not have been what I expected, but it was surely worth every second. Yes, indeed, this is someone who makes me smile!

Parker, the great grand baby