On the eve of Easter, four of our local churches held a community gathering. Wonderful uplifting music, testimony and fellowship.  Some family members, good friends and nighbors went out for the evening.

Singers from four of our local churches provided entertainment. It was well worth staying up past my bedtime to enjoy the evening.

Bunker Assembly of God, Ohlman Missionary Baptist, Bunker First Baptist and Crossville Baptist churches participated and shared the joy.

Many talented people and groups provided a wonderful program of inspiration at one of the churches.  I took some pictures and some ‘not so good’ video of the occasion.

I did upload some to youtube.com  http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=aO1d1NvaZiQ&feature=youtu.be

This was followed up with some really good food and more fellowship afterward.



Lots of food! And it was all good!


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