I noticed when I was out this morning that the poke greens and dandelions are looking good! I picked a walmart sack full of those and a few other good tasty choices. It is time to have a ‘mess of greens’. Gram always called what went along with the entree, ‘compliments’ instead of accompaniments. I happened to think of that this morning, it seemes like the right word. The greens will compliment the meal for sure.

Now the combination of colors, textures and flavors have been well washed and are waiting to go into a pot.

I have a busy day today, so I will point you in the direction of a post from last Spring with some information on fixing some of your own. 😀


Everything for a nice dish of greens is right outside my door, well, within a few steps anyway. It ought to go nicely with the left over Easter Ham and potato salad.

I want to mention that the insect repellant mentioned in that post also seemed to work quite well.