This is Hubby’s old wallet. It has been ‘rode hard’ in his back pocket over the past years. Once the home of ID, money, pictures, and any number of other things, it is now retired. Empty and a bit lonely I would have to assume.

I will add that a few times it was also ‘put away wet’, from an icy dunking in a chilly river or once or twice a trip to the washer in that same back pocket…

Here is the flip side. old, worn tattered, leather and lacing missing in places. Why do we keep it? It was made by the hands of a talented leather crafter. My father. A man who had the ability to take a simple plain piece of leather and turn it into something strong and grand.

That man is now 86, time and life have left him much like this wallet, he is no longer able to create such beautiful useful things. As I treasure and thank God for my father, I treasure this old wallet.

Like the wallet, worn and weakened, but still making a mark on the world.