This morning, Hubby made a simple request. “Put the two male beagles in the kennel and let out the chickens”. Or I thought it sounded simple at the time.

One of our females would like to have pups, so the males have been out ‘guarding’ the females in the big kennel.

I took out some dogfood and scraps and put it in the little kennel, here came Jack, the big male. He figured out fast what my plan was and it took some brute force and persuasion to get him inside. A good deal of shoving was required!

As soon as I snap the door, he ambles over to the dish and settles in for a hearty meal. Silly dog!

Now, I can’t find the male pup, Zorro!. I holler a few times and he finally barks over by the chicken house. I walk over and there is Zorro and an escaped hen. The hen is lying flat on the ground, Zorro is circling and I am NOT happy!

I manhandled Zorro back across the yard and into the kennel, miraculously, Jack is still munching dogfood and thankfully does not escape. Just so you know, carrying 30 pounds of wiggling beagle is not an easy task. I do not think I will do it again soon. (Ever, if I have my way)

Back to the chicken house, Mrs. Black, the errant hen, is up and scratching around like nothing ever happened! I let the rest of the chickens out. They are very happy.

Jack and Zorro on the other hand  do not seem too pleased with the whole idea and are barking and registering doggie complaints.

I am taking it easy the rest of the day. I deserve it!

I am sure glad I was home alone, anyone with a camera would have made a fortune on ‘America’s Funniest Home Video’ with a tape of that.