Stairs are a bit of a rarity where I live! I thought about this long and hard before I came up with an idea that I could use without a road trip to a school or the County Courthouse. Most places are one floor in my neighborhood, and would it be polite to ask if you could take a picture of the stairs in someone elses home? Probably not!

Hubby and I were down at the barn and I took this picture of the ‘stairs’ we built to the loft. We have a little sitting area up there with windows overlooking the food plot to watch the wild life. It’s rather a cozy nook!

It’s a lot of fun to sit up there and see deer, turkey and other wild things come by, never a bit the wiser that someone is spying on them.

“Someday”, we hope to get some more work done, insulation, and other things to make it a bit nicer. If that ever happens and we can put in plumbing and electricity I might just move there!