The photo prompt is ‘the last thing I bought’:

Today it was necessary to go to the store! We were almost out of milk, needed for several reasons here on Sunrise Ridge. We got in the truck and made a test drive down a local road that is being worked on to get to town.

When we got there, discovered that the milk delivery had not arrived and the store too was almost out of milk. I grabbed the last 2 half gallons in the cooler as the manager apologized for the problem. They were expecting a delivery but did not know when it would be there.

So in an effort to make the trip worth while I decided that Hubby deserved some strawberry Jello cupcakes! Our niece Heather made him some and he instantly found a new favorite dessert. He says mine are NOT as good as Heather’s even though I have her recipe…

My path led down the baking supplies aisle for cake mix and Jello: then to the frozen foods. Frozen strawberries, already cleaned were 30 cents a pound cheaper than the fresh ones in the produce aisle.

When we returned home, I made the cupcakes.  Here is how:

First of all make cake, pour into cupcake pans and bake following directions. While they bake make your Jello using the package directions.

Soon I had a batch of  cupcakes, twenty of them all dressed in pretty paper cups.

Place the cupcakes on a cookie sheet and poke them several times with a fork and carefully spoon Jello onto then allowing it to run into the holes. (You may need to squeeze the cake a little to open up the holes)I used about three tablespoons of the liquid Jello for each cupcake.

Put them on a cookie sheet in the fridge for two hours, or more so the Jello can set. That is where they are right now

Frost them with Cool Whip. And enjoy.

If, like it is here, 20 or so cupcakes are too many for your household, you can freeze them before topping and then put the Cool Whip on when you are ready to serve.

Or as in the case tonight, we will top with strawberries and then Cool Whip.

Hubby likes them!