Early, that translates to before sunup here on Sunrise Ridge, Hubby and I went out to listen for turkeys gobbling at a location nearby. In the dark silence, whip-poor-wills and hoot owls singing gave way to the sound of ‘early birds’ as the light came up.

I was armed with my camera, in case there was anything interesting for me to shoot, and a book, in case there was not. Hubby had his own armament in case he found that gobbler.

It was pretty chilly, coveralls required!  I guess we are now paying for the warm months of February and March. Once the sun started over the northwest side of the ridge we were parked on the trees made a pleasant sight.Not brilliant as wild flowers, but the dappled light through th leaves and blue sky above made a pretty picture through the truck windshield.

After daylight, we drove back down into the valley, to find it glistening silver with frost.

There in the valley, I was a bit surprised to notice the trees are not leafed out like they are up on the ridges. In this picture you see the shadow of the ridge across the field, holding the morning sun at bay.

We stopped at an old place to pick some wild asparagus, which brings me to today’s photoaday prompt, which is ‘vegetable’. I expect to see the asparagus as a part of ‘dinner’ tomorrow.