Today’s photo prompt is really difficult for me. How to pick out something I am grateful for is not, but how to narrow it down from the massive number of things I am grateful for is nearly impossible!

I am grateful for this world God has provided for me to live in and all the creation I share.

For my family, friends and home, which mean so much to me.

For the love which is given and I can give back!

For the ‘enough’ and more that is in my life. There is food on the table, clothing on my body, and much to love.

For our garden, the vegetables, fruits and flowers, that contribute to beauty and healthy living

The animals, both wild and domestic that share my world and serve a purpose in it (yes, even the spiders and snakes)

For the books I read and the computer and phone that keep me in touch with the world and provide pleasure.

For my ‘toys’, camera, sewing and  craft supplies and the ability to use them and share with others.

It’s really hard to pick out anything! I am so blessed!

So I choose a picture of a road, I am grateful for the ‘road’ I have traveled to get to where I am, I look forward to the miles I have left in the journey.