Be prepared to get up early. You have to be in the woods before daylight. Even at the early hour we left, we found other hunters along the road.

Expect surprises. The turkey will not be where you are. Maybe a mile away…across a valley. Eau de skunk wafted by on the breeze,  only a few times, but it was not pleasant!

Pour a cup of coffee and enjoy the sunrise.  A log to sit on will work just fine.  Remember that a ‘red sky in the morning is a rain warning’. Yes it is! We had some showers.

I don’t hunt turkey! I like to go out, enjoy Hubby’s company, the coffee and the grandeur of the sunrise.  I stay at the truck with the camera and other toys, while he wanders off through the tangles of underbrush.

Once again, the gobbler outwitted the hunter, so maybe with another week to go I will get out there again.